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2016 YangSen Brand Building Conference- Fuzhou Station

Company News
2016/08/02 14:10

On July 30, 2016, the 2016 YangSen brand building meeting was held in Fuzhou City of Fujian Province. 

In line with the purposes of gathering group strength, promoting brand effect, solving technical difficulties and co-creating YangSen's future, the principals in each branch of YangSen group get together through this meeting to give advice and suggestions for the YangSen's future. 

The meeting was directed by Mr. Xu Quanyi, the general manager of Shanghai YangSen Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd., and CFA deputy secretary general, director of the technical committee, the chief expert Mr.Liu Xiaoxin, Mr. Li Jian-the member of the CFA technical committee, Mr.Ma Minsheng-the material supplier of Shanghai YangSen Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. as well as 15 principals in the branches of YangSen group attended the meeting. 





The principal of each branch respectively specified its own idea to the brand and the follow-up enforceable works to the brand building. 

Technology promotion facilitates the development of YangSen, just because of experiencing the 20 years of ups and downs, we constantly sum up experience and promote our own techniques to make us achieving more macroscopical plan and foresight, pushing YangSen into a higher peak. And at the same time, YangSen's brand effect cannot be separated from any one industry and commerce branch, just for your efforts, the words of "YangSen" are influential in the industry.