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The live interview of CCTV for the flooring projects at Flyco in Songjiang

Company News
2016/07/19 15:20

In order to make a program that mainly introduces the overall quality of flooring in China and the situation of the industry, on July 14th 2016, CCTV took place for shooting at the project of Flyco in Songjiang which is under construction by Yangsen Group with the arrangement of Shanghai Chemical Building Materials Industry Association 


As the leader in the industry of domestic flooring, Shanghai Yangsen actively cooperates for the work of shooting.



The image shows the construction site for the project of Flyco in Songjiang 


In order to meet the demand of CCTV for the shooting of construction and the method for the use of products etc., the company conducted a series of daily operations such as the substrate preparation, self-leveling topcoat application etc. 



The image shows jobsite of substrate preparation 



The image shows that CCTV is shooting the site of preparation



The image shows that CCTV is shooting the use of products



CCTV is shooting the substrate preparation


CCTV also conducted the shooting for the plant and warehouse of Flyco which is stage one for the project of Flyco in Songjiang that has been completed. 



CCTV conducted the shooting for the production workshop at stage one of project Flyco in Songjiang 


Project Flyco of Yangsen Group is pided into two stages for the current time, the project at stage one will be completed and put into use at the beginning of 2015, the construction area is 58000 square meters, the project at stage two is under construction, the construction area is 51000 square meters, both stages are applied with the self-leveling floor of polyurethane that is resistant to cutting without solvent. The product has a good crack resistance, antiskid property, weather fastness, decay resistance, abrasion resistance, cutting resistance, easy cleaning and duration of color, it is the product that receives wide praise for Yangsen Group recently.