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The second working conference of CFA technical commission has been successfully held

Industry News
2017/06/14 17:15

On May 26th 2016, the second working conference of the technical commission affiliated to the flooring branch of China Building Materials Federation (CFA) has been successfully held in Xi’an, this conference was hosted by Mr. Liu Xiaoxin, the deputy secretary general of CFA, the director of the technical commission, the chief expert. The attendants of this conference are Mr. Liu Yuanxin, the secretary general of CFA, Ms. Qiao Yaling, the executive vice secretary general and 18 members of the technical commission; Mr. Ma Minsheng from Shanghai Yangsen Speciality Chemical Co., Ltd. attended this conference as the deputy secretary-general of CFA, the deputy director of the technical commission, secretary general of the board of management affiliated to CFA in East China Area, other attendants from Yangsen system are Mr. Ma Liyang who is the member of the technical commission etc. 


The main content of this conference is as follows: 


I. in order to push the healthy development of the industry, promote the application of new materials and new processes, encourage the member units to compete for more projects of high quality, the recommendation has been initiated starting from June for the selection of high quality projects within the industry in 2016. The experts from the technical commission and the respective local associations will conduct the free recommendation and application online, the experts from the technical commission as the recommender will conduct the verification on the information at last; 


II. The following work adjustments are made respectively on the aspect of policy document: 


1. The evaluation criteria of construction grade will be revised at the end of 2016; 


2. The training of project managers will be drafted by Mr. Liu Xiaoxin who is the director of the technical commission for specific method; 


3. The principle for the cooperation with local associations: teams will not be accepted as member to join the flooring branch, local associations will not be cooperated in any pattern, in case the member of the technical commission participates the conference of the local association in personal name, he or she needs to report for record at the secretary, the flooring branch will impact the local association by the two directions of technology and standard. 


III. High quality flooring project cannot be without the support of construction, it truly reflects the importance of “30% of material, 70% of construction”, on the aspect of modifications for the textbooks of “paving workers of overall ground” and “construction guide”, it is consistently decided on the meeting that Mr. Liu Xiaoxin, the chief expert of the flooring branch will be responsible for the implementation of this project. 


IV. The annual flooring feast of 2016 is held in Chengdu, Sichuan which enjoys the reputation of “Kingdom of heaven”, the duration of the conference is one day, it is conducted on two aspects which are the business promotion and the technical promotion; on the aspect of technical promotion, each of the experts from the technical commission will provide the suggestions, after the decision by the ballot of the Wechat group of the association and the wide members in the group, the topic with the widest attention and the highest heat of the member units will be included into the agenda of the annual conference. 


The healthy and harmonious development of the industry cannot be with the support from the power of technology; the expert groups of CFA technical commission have always been working hard and contribute their effort for the development of the flooring industry; by now the second working conference of the technical commission has received the successful opening.