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The training course of anti-static floor senior inspector begins in YangSen campus!

Company News
2016/10/17 11:18

The training course of anti-static floor senior inspector begins in YangSen campus! 

On October 13, 2016, the students of stage-III technical exchange were greeted in the YangSen campus, and they would take part in the national professional qualifications training for anti-static senior inspector. Many experts from antistatic industry and floor industry get together to give professional instructions. So to speak, this is a grand meeting in the anti-static floor industry! 

The course of the first day is substantial in content, through the integration of theory and practice, students verify theoretical knowledge from practices, lots of students say that they benefit a lot. 

Students seem to go back to school, the teacher, standing on the platform, is full of wit, copious and fluent, and the students are absorbed in the lesson quietly. 

It seems to have met before in old times, just like the college entrance examination time at that year. Follow your teacher and use your red, black and blue pens to underline key points. 

Wear the special "uniform" of YangSen campus and set foot in the class of practical operation! Come, students! Feel the anti-static floor! 

There are no flash lamps and microphones, but hardworking students in the press conference-like practical operation demonstration field. 

Discuss now and then. "Whether it is the YangSen anti-static floor described by manager Ma?""Yes, they say that we'll try it by ourselves for a moment! And afterwards, we can test resistance by ourselves."

Record now and then. "Test environment... System resistance… Point-to-point resistance..."

Start working in full swing, you are all the elites in the anti-static floor industry, and finally, your sweats dripped on the hot land become rich fruits. 

Not afraid of dirty &tiredness and setback &pain, this is the label of our floor people. When every student holds scraper blade, the earnest in their eyes is admiring. 

People give full cooperation with each other in the practical operation field regardless of boss and employee or the senior and junior. "If you are tired, I keep it, if material is not enough, I take it, if you take a rest, I try it...", the field is full of these sentences. 

Thousands of people take bows to shoot the same target successfully!---Mister Lv's Spring and Autumn Annals

Each team is just like a stream of rope to achieve great success with joint efforts. 









We hope that anti-static floor industry in China is flourishing and the future anti-static floor training is more and more wonderful, just as teacher Tan of the anti-static association said that "we enjoy it boundlessly!